The amount of time depends on the level of build you select and your layout. A fully-completed home can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on complexity of the build. Fully completed shells take about 2-3 weeks to complete. We will include a timeline estimate with your quote.

What makes Bigfoot Tiny Homes different from other builders?

We have a passion for making tiny homes functional for everyone and believe that working one-on-one with each client is the only way to achieve that goal. Our homes are designed for real livability, space efficiency, beauty, and uniqueness.

Do you work with custom orders?

We specialize in custom orders! We welcome a rage of customization from simple changes to an existing layout to a one-of-a kind design our engineers want to design the home of your dreams.

What materials come standard in a Bigfoot Tiny Home?

Please visit our materials page for a complete list of materials used.

How much does a Bigfoot Tiny Home cost?

Each house is uniquely designed to fit your needs, and therefore comes with a unique price tag. General guides are located on the Pricing page.

How much does a Bigfoot Tiny House weigh?

The weight of your tiny home will depend on the size of your trailer and what materials are used. They can range anywhere from 8,000-16,000+ pounds.

How do I get power? Do you offer "off-grid" items?

All homes are built to be hooked up via conventional 120v ac electrical hookup (30 amp) or 240v ac (50 amp) service, depending on appliances. This requires a typical RV style hookup. For customers seeking off-the-grid setups, special requests can be made.