Live Large in a Small Space with the help of Bigfoot Tiny Homes

Build a custom tiny home in Federal Way & Seattle, WA

Tired of being tied down to a house? Consider building a tiny home with Bigfoot Tiny Homes. Our tiny homes will give you the ability to travel with all the comforts of home hitched to your car! Trailers make up the foundation of our tiny buildings, so you can make anywhere feel like home.

We’ll build your tiny home to your exact specifications and help you choose the best materials for the job. You’ll be able to design a space that maximizes elbowroom and stands the test of time! Call Bigfoot Tiny Homes at 253-888-9927 to get started.

3 reasons to build a tiny home in Federal Way & Seattle, WA

Many people choose to live in tiny homes so they aren’t tied down to one place, but there are other benefits to owning a tiny home. Bigfoot Tiny Homes can build you a tiny home that will allow you to:

1) Achieve financial freedom—On average, tiny homes cost much less than traditional homes. You'll save money on construction costs by sticking to a set budget as you build your new home.
2) Reduce your carbon footprint—Living in a tiny home can significantly reduce your impact on the environment. You can design your home to use less electricity and take advantage of renewable energy sources!
3) Reduce clutter—When there’s a limited amount of space to work with, clutter becomes a thing of the past. Simplify your life with a tiny home by Bigfoot Tiny Homes.

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Design your dream living space with Bigfoot Tiny Homes

Federal Way & Seattle, Washington’s Bigfoot Tiny Homes lets you bring your dream home to life on a budget. Our tiny homes cost considerably less than traditional houses and can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Discuss your ideas with our designer, and we’ll draw up a plan for your perfect space. Whether you want your tiny home to be a cozy cottage or a modern craftsman, you can count on Bigfoot Tiny Homes to turn your vision into a reality!

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